Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Where Did August Go?

It's already the end of August and my last post is from the end of July....
where is the time going?

I remember as a child that time seemed to move so slowly, spending my days playing around and wishing for summer, then wishing for Christmas, then wishing for more.
Now it's like I'm just barely getting anything done.
My to-do list can go on forever, as soon as I knock one item off, 2 more get added.
Let's see...
local farmers market
local craft shows
new website
new blog look
new crafts to try
on-line classes to improve all of the above.

Then add in summer trips and vacations.
A 4 day church conference (of which I was on the planning committee)
An emergency last minute trip home for family.
And planning for a new year of homeschooling....high school level.

But I'm not complaining.
Because all this work just means I am alive.
I have the ability to get up, and move, and think, and do.
And I praise God for every hectic, crazy, exhausting day.

Now for a lighter touch...
This is Hannah's first day of school picture.

Be blessed,
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