Monday, February 1, 2016

YBC Artist Feature - Jennifer Avallone from JGA Creations

I love when older art forms make a  comeback...and quilling is a beautiful craft dating back to the Renaissance, when nuns and monks used tightly rolled strips of paper to decorate book covers and religions items.  Today we are visiting a quilling artist from Scott's Marketplace
Jennifer Avallone from JGA Creations.
Cinderella Slipper

I am a shoe I had to start the "show" with this 5x7 piece of loveliness.

What is the story behind your shop name?
It's my initials :)

Where, when, how did you learn your craft?
4 years ago I saw a woman doing a demo and no one knows or knew what quilling was. I looked it up on YouTube when I got home and taught myself. 

What has been your biggest obstacle, or challenge, to finding and achieving success?
I also run craft fairs weekly (spring - fall) so finding the time to have inventory and custom orders done is very hard for me. My pieces take a while to complete. 

War Memorial

Tell us a little about your family life...married, kids, pets, etc.
My boyfriend and I started jga creations officially 3 years ago and I have made it my full time career since then. Couldn't do my fairs and get everything done with out him. My cat is no help lol. He steals and eats my paper strips.

Tell us a little bit about where you, farm, suburb.
I live on Long Island in New York. It's an hour from Manhattan. 

Share a story / memory of your childhood.
I've always been artsy and also have been a musician since I'm about 3. 
My father is a painter so I remember watching him when I was a kid. 

framed Lion

Tell us something about you that no-one else might know
Only people who really know me know that I sing. My life's dream was to be a singer but stage fright when I was younger kept me away. Now I'm not so scared lol. Don't mind a karaoke stage from time to time. 

If you could be a fictional character, who would you be, and why?
A fairy so I can fly 

Share your social media links and where we can find you on the internet.

A Nightmare Before Christmas

Pick a favorite item from your shop, and why is it your favorite.
Not only is it my best seller but it's also one of my favorites to make. 

What advise would you give a new artist just starting out?
It takes time. You have to love what you do. We aren't in this to be millionaires just love it and it will love you back. It takes hard work. Promote and don't be afraid to hear the word no. 

Do you have any special coupon codes?
I have a coupon on etsy until Valentine's Day. Hearts10.

And that's it for our visit with Jennifer....I love her artwork, and so will you.  Plus you NEED to visit her shop to see absolutely EVERYTHING...she not only quills, she's an amazing photographer.  Just click on any item/shop link above, and don't forget to like and follower her on FB and Instagram.  I just did.  :0)
Till next time...

Be blessed,
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