Tuesday, February 9, 2016

YBC Artist Feature - Mackenna Swinford Creations

WOW!!!  It has been a week, I can't even describe!  But I didn't want another day to go by without sharing another shop from Scott's Marketplace,
so today's feature is on Mackenna Swinford Creations.
Grumpy Cat Ornament

What is the story behind your shop name?
No imagination there. Just plain, simple and to the point.

Where, when, how did you learn your craft?
I spent each Christmas season as a child going to schools and churches with my Mom to the local Holiday Bazaars. I loved them. I spent most of my childhood and early adult life drawing and painting but I was always so impressed by how cross stitch could look so much like a painting or drawing. 5 years ago I transitioned from working on a retail sales floor to working from home and decided it was high time I honed in on learning to cross stitch. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year so I purchased a few kits online to try to teach myself and would sit up all night watching old movies and making ornaments. After my first one sold I was hooked!

What has been your biggest obstacle, or challenge, to finding and achieving success?
Getting your merchandise in front of buying customers is the biggest challenge I think. The internet does make it easier than it used to be but it also makes it easier to locate 10,000 choices at the same time.

Super Mario magnet set

Tell us a little about your family life...married, kids, pets, etc.
I spend my days with the most wonderful man. My brothers, sister in law, nieces, nephew, Mom and friends I consider family fill my days with laughter and meaning. And even though my father was lost to us 5 years ago his memory and the way he inspired all of our lives keeps him with us daily. 

Tell us a little bit about where you live....city, farm, suburb.
I live in central Indiana on a farm. The tiny house is 105 years old. Barns, garages and gardens are all present but no animals (yet).

Monkey ornament

Share a story / memory of your childhood.
Growing up spending every summer at the pool with my family and friends jamming out to 80’s Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Chicago and the Eagles. It was the greatest way to grow up!

Tell us something about you that no-one else might know
I do not take my Christmas decorations down until mid March when Spring starts to show up.

If you could be a fictional character, who would you be, and why?
Jonas from the book The Giver. To be able to learn that reality as you know it is just a sliver of reality…fascinating. 

Share your social media links and where we can find you on the internet.
Twitter: mackswincreate
tumblr: mackennaswinfordcreations

Santa holding tree

Pick a favorite item from your shop, and why is it your favorite.
Santa Claus Ball Holding Decorated Tree Christmas Ornament is one of my favorites. It is just such a cheerful ornament.

What advise would you give a new artist just starting out?
It starts slow. Don’t get frustrated. Just remember you do this because you love it. Be patient, all it takes is one person to love your work.

Pick a favorite item from another shop, and why is it your favorite.
Boba Fett Star Wars Hat in the shop With Love by Sim. As a child of the 80’s Star Wars was such a big part of my life (especially having 3 older brothers).

Boba Fett Star Wars hat

Do you have any special coupon codes for our readers?

And that's it for this weeks feature.
Click on any link to visit Mackenna and I'll see you all soon.

Be blessed,
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