Friday, May 6, 2016

A Complete Family For Madison

What does your family look like?
In this day and age, family is made up of people that love each other, not just blood and DNA.
Some of you may know that my family is large, and varied.
 Moms and Dads.
Step Moms and Step Dads.
Full siblings.
Half siblings.
Biological children.
Step children.
Adopted children.
Foster children.
But the common theme is love.  There is a family full of love that I would like to introduce to you. 

I have a good friend named Candy.  Actually she started as my sons friend, but some people just click.  And Candy was someone I just clicked with.  Many years ago, Chuck and I attended her first wedding.  She was young, and looking forward to a wonderful life.  Then she gave birth to their daughter Madison.  A beautiful baby with a smile a mile wide.

Then came the hard time...Candy's ex-husband was physically and emotionally abusive and a drug addict.  She divorced him, and moved on with her life as a single mother of a special girl.  Madison is a very special girl, diagnosed autistic and with ADHD, but a ray of sunshine.  Just a few years ago, Candy met an amazing man named Kenny, who not only makes Candy happy, but accepted and loved Madison as his own.  (Which is great since bio-dad is not in the picture).  Kenny and Candy got married, and soon had another daughter, Scarlet.

 Madison is a great big sister and dotes on her baby sister, and the family is complete.  Well, almost.  You see, Madison is desperate to share the family name.  It's the love that makes a family, but to a little girl, a name is everything.  And she wants to be a King.  Now for your part in this family fairy tale.  For Madison to become a King, Kenny and Candy need to pay a lawyer to process all the paper work.  And lawyers cost money.  So if you have some extra money to give, and the desire to help this family, please visit their gofundme page and make a donation.  Any size is appreciated.  And while you're there, you can learn some more about this loving family.

Until next time, hug and love your family.

Be blessed,
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