Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sorry For The Interruption

Wow! I can't believe it's been over 3 months since my last post.
Well, actually I can believe it...you see, I've been working a "real" job, with crazy hours
So I was either working or sleeping.  And sick.
Apparently I've been sick for close to a year, but I didn't know it, and it all came crashing down around my head on September 24.
I thought it was just a really bad case of heartburn, but continually got worse, and then when my heart started beating crazy, hubby took me to the ER.
After getting my heart regulated, I was admitted for observation, and a few blood tests.
Then an x-ray.
Then a CT scan.
Then an echo-cardiogram.
I was there for 5 days, and felt like Alice that fell down the hole.
Every day brought me a new doctor, and another diagnosis.
I have A-fib (which brought me to the hospital)
brought on by Type 2 Diabetes.
And while checking the x-ray a spot on my lung was discovered (hence the CT scan).
So they did a CT scan directed biopsy.
Which brings me to stage 1 lung cancer.
Yep, this non-smoker got lung cancer.  Go figure.
So now, I work when I can, while waiting for the results of the latest PET scan and for a surgery date.
All while learning all I can about diabetes.

The plus side to all of this?
1). God provided the right doctors at the right time to discover the lung cancer that otherwise would have become too severe before I noticed any symptoms.
2). I'm finally getting myself into shape with a better diet and exercise.
3). All my kids will be home for Thanksgiving...and I don't have to cook. lol

The moral of my story?
Life is short...enjoy it and spend time with those you love, and do the work you love.

Be blessed,
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