Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Snowy Caturday Shopping

Here in North Carolina we woke up to about 5 inches of snow.
Actually that's not too unusual, we do get snow here.
It just melts pretty fast, which is my favorite part of a southern winter.
Here's the video I shot of my front porch this morning.

Now for some Caturday fun.

This is my baby Patches, and she loves to play.  Usually in the middle of the night while the rest of us are sleeping.  So let's do some surfing and see what great handmade cat items I can find for her cattiness. lol

Two of my requirements for shopping is handmade and American made, and I just found a cool site (based in Indiana),  Let's see what I found...

My cat would love this silly sea cucumber, hopefully better than my arm.  She never bothered much with the small mice toys, but this long toys is something she would love.  You can get this toy, (and many of their other toys) with, or without catnip.

Isn't this cute?  A cat sleeping bag.  If you're tired of your cat messing up your bed after you make it, get them their own bed.

My Patches is not a burrower, so this wool blanket would be great for her.

Here's a few interesting points about
They are an American company, family owned, and based in Indiana.
They use only all natural supplies in creating their items.  No dyes.  No synthetics. 
The give 5% of each and every sale to no kill/rescue organization.
And they carry items for not just cats, but dogs, and their humans. lol

Click on a link and visit this site.
And place an order for something special for your furbabies.

Be blessed,
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