Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bring It On 2017

2016 was not a good year, for a lot of people.
The elections turned friends into enemies.
Way too many people died, from sickness, from violence.
Society is falling apart.
People have forgotten how to be kind to each other.
To show mercy.
To forgive.

And personally my year wasn't any better.
I was run down most of the year.  Just working and sleeping.  No energy.  No desire.
I chalked it down to just too much on my plate.
Then I got sick.
(You can read about that here.)
I had my surgery on December 5th.  They removed the top lobe of my left lung.  Not fun.
It's just the past few days that I have felt almost normal, but only for short periods of time.
But it turns out my journey is not done.
They found a cancer cell in 1 lymph node from the lobe they removed.
So with that, and the spot still on my right lung, it's off to the oncologist I go.
But that is not going to deter me.

I am determined to beat this cancer.
I am determined to update and sell my house.
I am determined to move to New York to be closer to family.


No more waiting till I have time.
I'm going to make time.
For me.
For my sanity.

So, how is your 2017 starting out?
Make a change.
And make it for you.

Be blessed,
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