Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My Post-Chemo Vacation Dreams

One thing I'm learning on my cancer journey, is to take it one day at a time.
And plan for the future.
I've already decided on long hot pink hair IF mine should decide to fall out.
My next plan is my post-chemo vacation.
A place where I can relax and recoup with no stress, no iv bags, no tubes or needles or nausea.
So, where should I go?

Local to NC of course, and my favorite rest spot
See that soft tan sand?
The beautiful blue green water?
The softly lapping waves?

And right in the middle of this picture,
picture me,
laying in a hammock 
in my hot pink wig.

I am a history buff, I love stories of how this country started.
So what's a trip without a little learning?
We have talked about seeing this every
time we go to the beach, and never get there.
But since this trip I am not going to be in
hiking form, sitting and watching
Ghosts of The Lost Colony
is a good choice.

Now when I'm tired and just need some quiet time, I'll send Chuck and the kids to
Jockey's Ridge State Park,
the world's largest sand dune.
I'll be sitting on the beach again,
having some alone time with my son who I never get to see as much as I want since he grew up and moved out of state.

And for our last night there,
nothing is more fun than some interactive
action.  And this
OBX Mystery Dinner
looks like a blast.

Does any of this look like fun to you?
Be blessed,

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