Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Madness - meet Bob

I was sitting in McDonalds the other night, looking over a small local paper called "coffee news".  In this paper (only 2 pages) there is a small picture of "Bob" hidden, and if you find Bob, you can win $25.  I figured this would be a fun idea for our blog and shop, so this is how it will work for us.  Every Monday I will post a Monday Madness clue (name) and what you can win.  The name will be hidden somewhere in an item in our shop.  Find the name/word, order the item, and win.  So this week we will start with Bob.  Somewhere in our items is the word Bob.  It could be in the description, in the photo, in the shipping, anywhere on an items page.  Find Bob, and receive a 35% discount on that item.  Once you order that item, shoot us a convo telling us where you found Bob, and we will refund your discount.  Sounds like fun?  Good.  Be sure to check back every Monday for a new word and item.  Happy hunting everyone. :~)
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