Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mountain Creek Gifts

We belong to several Etsy teams, one of them being the CAPSteam, Christian Artists Promoting Shops team.  That's where I met Brittany from Mountain Creek Gifts.  Brittany lives in the middle of Amish country in Ohio.  When I still lived in western NY, I remember visiting Amish shops near the PA border.  I have always been intrigued by the wonderfully peaceful lives of the Amish.  To have so much faith in God that you would separate yourselves from the world is inspiring.  His Word tells us that we are to be separate, and not of this world.  But as my husband likes to ask me, whatever would I do without my laptop? hahaha.  While preparing to blog about Mountain Creek Gifts, I asked Brittany to share her life and background with me.  After reading her message back to me, I've discovered a kindred spirit.  She married her childhood friend (and I mean childhood, they met when she was only 7).  She comes from a large family, 8 total with her as the second oldest.  I was the youngest of 10 (including steps brothers and sisters).  She grew up on a farm, and while I did not grow up on a farm, I spent many summers on my uncle's sheep farm, and even worked on a dairy farm for 2 summers as a teenager.  I am truly a country girl at heart, just like Brittany.  She has a brother in the military, and stationed in Afghanistan right now.  How proud she must be of him!  Brittany's favorite scripture is also one of my own favorites.  Jeremiah 29:11.  Look it up, you'll be glad you did! Brittany spends her time researching and making all natural soaps and candles, and discovering great vintage items, all of which you can find on her Etsy shop.  To visit her shop, you can click on any of the highlighted links.  I chose a few to share with you.  At the top we have her all natural soap balls.  Just imagine how relaxing your bath time would be when you toss one of these into the tub.  Next is her all natural peppermint cookie soap with shea butter.  Sounds good enough to eat. And last, but not least, this wonderful vintage silver-plate soap dish, complete with 3 bars of soap.  And better yet, you get to choose the soap!  So stop whatever you're doing right now, look up "her" scripture, the look up her shop!!  Tell her I said "Hi".
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