Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Besteam feature on DeSantis Vintage

Our featured Etsy shop this week is a fairly new shop on Etsy, just 2 months old, but already it is carving a niche for itself on the Etsy vintage scene.  DeSantis Vintage is full of cute retro style dresses, mostly from the 70's or 80's (I think).  I have to share this with you, Rachel DeSantis has an addiction problem.  She'll tell you that herself.  She is addicted to vintage dresses!  She loves finding classically styled dresses, and restoring them, then sharing them with y'all. 
So soft, so pretty, so not my size, boohoohoo.  But if I lose these last 20 pounds, watch out!  So if you like this dress too, you better get it now, hahaha.  The color is exquisite.  I remember my mother having a dress just like this. 
Rachel live in Michican with her 2 favorite guys.  Her boyfriend Dave, and her hound dog Winston.  I googled the city she lives in, and it's a small town outside Lansing.  Maybe she's a country girl? Must be, because we country girls have the best taste clothes. hahaha I wonder where she finds all these great outfits.  Like all vintage lovers, she must visit a lot of estate and yard sales. 
Maybe that's where she found this next dress I'm going to share.  It's an 80's Heart Gala Event dress.  I remember ME having a dress just like this, :)
Yes, there was a time I could fit into a dress like this.  And hopefully I will again someday.  I love the rich blue color, and that belt is great.  And what is any dress without SHOES!
These Life Stride pumps as just perfect!  Now I am a shoe hog...so I know my shoes, and these shoes are just my style.  I do not see shoes as just a fashion accessory.  In fact, I have been known to purchase a pair of shoes, then have to shop for an outfit to match, hahaha.  I'm so glad my husband loves me.  And you will love the selection of vintage fashion at DeSantis Vintage, so don't wait any longer to see for yourself.  Click on any picture or link above to be whisked away to Rachel's shop.
Rachel has also started a blog....it's very funny.  You must visit and learn how she feels about sharing her phone! hahaha  Her blog is called Don't Feed The Vintage, which gives you a glimpse into her sense of humor.  I love someone who loves to laugh, it just lightens up the whole world.
You can also follow Rachel, as DeSantis Vintage, on facebook and twitter.  Come on, be a fan :)  I know I will be.  See you there!

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