Saturday, April 9, 2011


I know that the latest greatest thing is shopping on-line (lucky for me) and reading via e-books, but there is nothing that will ever replace the printed word on paper. Books, newpapers, magazines, catalogs, handwritten letters delivered by a mailman. The feel of the book in my hand, turning the pages by licking my fingers, the being a bad book lover by turning down the corner of a page when you can't find a bookmark, catching up on the local news, connecting with far away friends and family. And making wish lists for future purchases. It's such a shame that future generations may never know the simple joy of sitting down with a real book, or visiting a library. But for today, we still have the printed word, and for that I am grateful. Which brings me to my joy for today, catalogs that come in the mail. Today I received my Fire Mountain Gems catalog, and ohhhh the joy! hahaha. The colors, the beads, the findings.....I guess you just have to be a jewelry fanatic to understand :) I used to make jewelry years ago, and just recently re-discovered the fun of beads and started to list some pieces on Our Home To Yours, mine and Amanda's e-shop on Etsy. Like these 2 pieces:
Now back to the subject of catalogs....I remember as a child getting the Sears Christmas Catalog and just spending hours with my sisters making up our Christmas wish list.  I think those were the only times we weren't fighting.  When I started my own home, the Brand Names catalog was essential.  And of course, FingerHut.  Today I watch my kids fight over the catalogs I get,
and it makes me smile. 

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