Monday, July 11, 2011

children of the corn

These are my pictures of the week.  I was standing on our pontoon boat while Chuck and Hannah were harvesting some ears of corn when I snapped this picture.  We looooove our corn.  And this is only the first planting.  The temps may be high in the south, but the growing season is longer than in New York.

 Here is Chuck starting at one end of the "field".  Hannah is inside there somewhere.  She made me nervous, just running in without a worry about snakes...The corn is too close together to till between the rows, so the grass was almost as tall as the corn. :~)

Here is Chuck and Hannah in front of the corn.  We ended up picking, shucking, and freezing 66 ears of beautiful sweet golden corn, yum yum.  And there's still some waiting to get bigger, and like I said, we plan to plant more.  Now I know we are only a family of 5, but we'll share our blessings (if we don't eat it all first). hahahaha

And while everyone else works, Brandon watches for trucks.  Yes, he wears cowboy boots with his shorts, but hey, at least they were on the right feet :~)  He loves to see how many chicken trucks he can get to blow their horns.

Have a blessed week everyone!
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