Friday, August 12, 2011

Just Bee Yourself

When Amanda and I started our Etsy shop, I had no idea just how much work it would take, not to create things to sell, but to network and get people into our shop.  Now social sites are so very important to any on-line presence, and we joined so many, I started to get lost in cyberspace.  Trying to read and comment on blogs, post on different sites, and everyone there was doing the same thing, trying to sell their items.  I was spending so much time networking, that I have very little time left to do what I enjoy, create.  So I weeded out the sites that were not adding anything to our business.  Now today I feel FREEEE.  I may not be everywhere "they" say I should be, but I am exactly everywhere I want to be, and my very favorite social site is "Creating The Hive".  Melissa Marro started this site last July and I have been a part of it almost from the start.  Let me tell you why this site is so great.'s not about selling, it's about sharing tips and stories and jokes and's just a great site for artists to just bee, bee themselves, bee creative, bee supported, and bee happy.  For their first anniversary they sponsored a creative challenge, to create something that celebrates the Hive's birthday.  They just announced the winner, and it is... Lance Perry with his Birthday Bee.
Lance describes himself as a self-taught, holiday folk artist, living in the piney woods of east Texas.  I was checking out his blog, Crescent Hills Designs, where he shares his creative process, and a great story on the making of his moon man.  I won't spoil it by sharing it, go read it for yourself.  Then I went to his Etsy shop and found this...and had to share it.  I'm not sure what I would do with it, but it made me smile.  He calls it Tiny Bulb Head Robot.  There is more in his shop, so go check it out.  And if you are looking for a wonderful place to hang out, join me in The Hive. :~D
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