Thursday, August 11, 2011

My baby as a baby

I have been very lax in keeping this blog updated, and several people (Karen in particular) keeps telling me to make a blog schedule, so I did.  And just because I like to be different, I am going to start in the middle of the week instead of the beginning of the week, lol.  So here it is...Sunday will be to showcase my CAPSteam members.  Monday I'll be starting a "One week left sale" where I will share my items that have only 1 week left of listing, and a coupon code to get 40% off those items.  Tuesday will be something about my life and kids.  Wednesday will be my BESTeam members feature.  Thursday will be for a special memory.  Friday we'll be looking at the talent over at Creating the Hive.  Saturday I am going to start a linky thingy for a Saturday Shopping Spree.  Whee, and my baby thinks I'm on-line a lot now, hahaha.  Speaking of my baby, since today is memory day, I wanted to share this picture with you. 

This picture was taken January 2, 1942.  Oldest sister Joanne was 5 years and 11 months old.  Then David at 2 years 11 months old.  And then my baby, Chuck, at 9 months old.  He just turned 70 this past April, but he can still act like a baby sometimes, hahahaha.  (I don't mind telling you all that I wasn't even born yet.  I didn't show up until 1959.)  There was a total of 9 siblings in the Huntington clan, and they are all still close today.  Wasn't my baby cute? teehee.  Well, I'll see you all tomorrow when we'll buzz on over to the hive and see what's cooking.

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