Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autumns colors

Today Chuck and I took advantage of the last of the beautiful weather, hopped on our bike, and went antiquing.  This time I took my camera and tried to catch some of the beautiful fall colors while they are still here.  Pictures aren't too bad, considering I was on the back of a moving motorcycle. 
I had on my sunglasses, not my reading glasses, so I just point the camera and shoot in the sports setting.  I saw a speck of a hawk, and am please that a major crop brought him this close.  And the red trees seem to be peeking out from behind their mothers skirts. :~)
Whenever I see a dirt road, I get an urge to follow it and see where I might end up.  At a farm, in the woods, or face to face with a bull.  (I actually did that once, the bull part, not fun).  Looking up the trees makes me realize just how small we humans can be, and yet God gave us dominion.
We made it down to Cornelius and stopped at "the Mill", and old mill turned into a strip of antique shops and boutiques.  I was very disappointed in the boutiques when I found several of them selling some "handmade" items, but the back stated "made in China".  That's just sad.  I did find these wonderful roses bushes there, in full bloom.  I'm sure the red ones are knock out roses, but the peach ones on the left were just amazing.  Big and Bold and full of that wonderful rose scent.  So let me leave you with this last picture.  And then thank God for His many gifts.  Because despite the OWS and debt issues and employment problems, this country is still very blessed.  And the amount of new cars on the road, and in the shopping mall parking lots, and restaurant parking lots, proves we are so much better off than most of the world. \0/  And for more of the thoughts that passed thru my head during my read, visit My Hope My Faith My Life.

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