Wednesday, December 7, 2011

4 good "virtual" friends

Wow, I cannot believe I have not posted ANYTHING since Saturday.  mybad!  So without further ado (or excuses) let me show you the newest, and oldest, listing in these Besteam members shops.  When Amanda and I first opened our Etsy shop, I never imagined I would become a blogger, and enjoy it as much as I do.  And I never imagined I would have become friends, and good friends, with people I have never met in person, and I will probably never get to see in person.  But I have....and some of my best on-line friends are members of the BESTeam.  And I love that I get to share them with you....starting with Veronica from Knitful Dezigns.
Her newest creations are cute little cuddlie pets for kids.  (I know some adults who still have stuffed  Charlie the caterpillar is her newest addition, and he joins lots of other friends already in her shop.  And in keeping with kids, I love this Toddlers Sunhat!  I wonder if she can make it in my size????  Check out all her items, and find her in all the following places.
The great things about virtual friendship is that distance does not matter.  While Veronica is in the United States like me, my next friend, Claire from Blue White Jewelry Wear, lives in Santiago Chile.
Her newest item is this Simple Blue Beads and Budda necklace. You know the old saying, sometimes less is more.  Or, if you like more....this Chinese Chop Suey bracelet has more, so it will go with pretty much any outfit.  In Claire's shop you will find less, and more, and everything in between.  While Claire has lived all over, she was born in the USA, lived for 9 years in Thailand, and now in South America, you can also find Blue White Jewelry Wear all over the internet at the following places.
Now we come to Cindy from CK Silver.  She also makes awesome jewelry.
These Pink Lady Rose Quartz earrings are so delicate and pretty.  Cindy uses sterling silver and unique gemstones in most of her pieces, and they come in a beautiful box ready for gift giving.  This Sunrise On the Lake Turquoise and Pearl bracelet is... just awesome.   If you like Claires creations, you can find so much more in her shop, and elsewhere on the internet.
And my last, but not least, Besteam friend is Ellen from GMaEllenCrochetGifts.  Oh yes, we grammas stick  And oh, the wonderful things she creates with a hook and yarn.
Her newest item is this Flower Cell Phone Charm.  I would most certainly never lose my phone with this.  And the beads are just the perfect touch!  Then there is this Sand and Tan Area Rug.  At approximatly 3 feet across, what a perfect accent for a hallway, or any area that just cries out for a special touch.  It is created with a double strand of cotton yarn, so it is sure to stand up to use.  And it is machine grammas think of everything.  And you should see all the other great items in her shop, jewelry, bags, bottle covers, and so much more.  You can find her here...
Now if you're an Etsy artisian looking for a great group of people to help you grow, and support your work, check out the BESTeam out there, right here.
Now I promise to be back tomorrow, because like a true gramma, I have some funny Owen stories to share!

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