Thursday, December 8, 2011

Owen's antics

Yesterday I promised that I would share with you some Owenisms.  In case you don't know, Owen is my grandson, Amanda's son, and he is a mess (as we "southerners" like to say).  Which basically means he is liable to do or say anything off the wall at any time.  And this is what he has done the past few weeks.
We have a horse.  Well, a Shetland pony.  Actually he's more like a big dog, since he won't let anyone ride him (he's thrown Hannah 3 times, once into his water bucket, and yes I laughed), and he likes to just follow me around the pasture and check out my pockets.  We share a pasture with our next door neighbor, plus we have the area behind and next to our buildings fenced in.  And our fencing is electrical wire, which is pretty normal.  My neighbor has a full grown horse who is also what is called "a pasture pet" because he is just too old to ride.  If you get on him, he just stands there and thinks "this person must be crazy if they think I am going to walk around with them on my back.  Forget about running."  (Yes, I have these conversations with all my animals.)  Now Owen loves the horses.  When his mom and dad pull into the driveway, he first yells for Poppa, then runs into the workshop.  Then he will say, "go see tater and pete?"  So, of course, we go.  And then I spend the next 20 minutes reminding him that they have like 1100 pounds on him and he can not go into the pasture.  A few weeks ago, Chuck and I noticed that he would walk up to Tater in the pasture behind the shop and touch the bottom wire.  He would shiver from the shock and rub his hand on his pants.  We figured one or two shocks and he would stop, (don't worry, it's a low voltage) but after a while he would still touch the wire but not rub his hand.  A few weeks ago, Chuck watched him walk up to the fence, grab both the top and bottom wires, and step thru them into the pasture to go see Tater Tot.  (Remember, Owen just turned 3).  Chuck figured the fencing had broken somewhere along the line, so he went and got his tester to check the electrical flow thru the fence.  IT WAS ON!!!!  Owen had built himself a tolerance to the currant, and now we don't worry about the horses getting out, we worry about Owen getting IN!  And then last week, I was just inside the gate filling the water buckets, with Owen standing outside the gate talking to me.  Tater was back farther in the stable.  All of a sudden I hear the gate open!  Luckily I got to it before Tater.  Owen had figured out how to work the latch on the gate!  I am so glad God gave me a little cowboy, but that boy..........

Monday, we were in the house and he was playing with his cars.  I turn around and he is playing in my plant, digging with his car in the dirt.  So I told him to stop digging in the dirt.  He turns to me and replies "Gramma, it's a bulldozer".  Sure enough, he was playing with a Matchbox bull dozer.  I couldn't argue with his logic, so I waited till he was done, then hid the bulldozer.

Yesterday Amanda tells me that they had purchased the "My baby can read" videos, so she put one in.  Owen told her to leave the room.  Apparently he likes to study alone. 

I am sitting here smiling as I share this, because Owen has become such a bright light in our lives.  And I can't imagine life without him, or without any of my children or grandchildren.  So I want to share with you a link to a very moving story.  Something we must all remember this (and every) holiday season.  Thank you Leah for allowing me to share your blog, and thank you Mandy for sharing your story.

Have a blessed one, everyone.
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