Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday shopping linky party - lights, lights, everywhere

I have spent the past few days decorating the outside of my house for Christmas and I'm not done yet.  But I figured, let's go see what's selling on Etsy for Christmas lighting.  So let's go....
At first I wasn't sure about this strand of lights, but it so appeals to my warped sense of humor.  And the name "Christmas light prescription bottles for your next dysfunctional family holiday gathering -custom".  When was Cristy from clcort ever at my house for dinner?  She must have been, because she nailed our family nights with this one. hahaha.

I still have a few of the "elf on a shelf" elves that mother would put on the tree when I was little, but I never saw them as  string of lights.  Pretty cool.  In case you don't know about the "elf on a shelf", it's a little doll that a parent would put out and then tell the kids that the elf would be watching them and tell Santa if they were good or not.  Then the parent would move them every night, so the next morning you would find the elf watching you from a different spot.  Come to think of it, that's pretty freaky, lol.  Check out the shop of Salvaged Anitques.  It's brand new.
Ok, now we're talking, lights you eat!  Imagine yourself hanging lights, which takes a lot of energy, and you start to get a little hungry.  Well, just reach into your box of lights and pull out this  strand of mini Christmas light cookies from Crafted Cookies, and before you know it, you're ready to get back to work.  And speaking of work (actually this is more like play) peruse your shop, or your friends shop, and it's time to link up!!!  Christmas lights, or ornaments, or....whatever. lol.  Then invite your peeps to join us at our linky party!

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