Friday, January 13, 2012

my dilemma

Good morning, friends....I need some help.  As you know we have a horse.  Actually Hannah has a Shetland pony that she doesn't ride, so in reality, I have an oversized dog that follows me around and looks for treats in my pocket.  And you would not believe the amount of manure one smallish pony can make; and there is my dilemma.  I have been planning (dreaming of, hoping for) a motorcycle trip (no kids, yea!!!!) to Baton Rouge LA for the Jimmy Swaggert Easter Campmeeting in April, but yesterday, Chuck informed me that since Tater Tot (the pony) has a favorite spot to use as his restroom, the manure has gotten thick.  And our tractor is old and dead.  So now he's looking to get a new/used tractor.  Which means no money for LA.  "That's just NOT FAIR" I cried (in my best little girl voice), but to no avail, he's looking for a tractor.  So do you think he would accept any of these tractors from Etsy so we can keep our money for the trip?

Antique Farm Tractor from Katwelder,    Apple Farm Tractor 2 from Simply Superior,    Antique Tractor from Puzzimals

No?????  How about if I wore this???
So, here's where I need your help.  Tomorrow come back for my linky party, and link up all your items or blogs that have anything to do with farms, tractors, horses, motorcycles, trips, get the idea!
Love y'all!
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