Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Shopping Link Up - relaxing

With the fun, and stress, of the Christmas season, what do you do to de-stress and relax?  I personaly like to sit with a nice cup of tea and a crochet hook (or a game on my laptop).  Here are a few items I found to help us all relax...

This relax pillow in charcoal grey looks so comfy...snuggle up against it with a good book, or a good blog...and if the color is not for you, hop over to the shop Honey Pie Design for other great pillows to complete your home decor.

And speaking of tea, we have personally ordered from the loose leaf before, I got Amanda some tea for her digestive track, and she enjoys it.  So if you don't sleep well, try this Organic Skullcap tea for your insomnia.  Your loose tea comes with a reusable cloth teabag.

Now let me show you relaxed....Owen spent the night last night and stayed up late to watch Wipeout with Gamma and Poppa.  Yes, he has our off-center sense of humor.  Then he got up at 6am when the other kids left for school, so by afternoon, he was tired delirious.  We had to take Hannah to an appointment, and there was an oh-so overstuffed and comfortable couch in the lobby.  Here is how Owen waited for his aunt...

He started sitting up, but when I nudged him, he just fell over...poor kid, I laughed!  And I'm sorry for the poor quality...I took these with my cell phone, and then I couldn't get them off the phone to my laptop, so I had to email it to myself. heehee.

Ok, so now for our you know, the theme is link up anything you sell, or even your blog posts, that you find relaxing.  You can even go ahead and link up someone else who helps you relax.  Then share, share, share!


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