Monday, March 19, 2012

A Besteam romance

As I sit here staring at my "blank" screen wishing for inspiration, I glance out the window.  The fog is heavy.  So heavy I can barely see the trees in the yard.  I see something moving, so I squint my eyes.   I move to the couch, closer to the window.  Yes, something definitely moved.  From the stand of trees I see him.  Tall.  Regal.  Dressed in royal robes, this ancient man walks towards me, and I see a flash as the just rising sun catch the silver and jewels on his fingers and wrist.  I am struck dumb.
There on his finger, an ancient coin set in silver, bespeaks of great wealth and high ranking in his society.  Hand hammered silver surrounds this coin, used during the First Jewish Revolt sometime in 66 to 70 A.D.  Is this man a Jew? A high priest perhaps?  Or a centurion?  He walks as one who holds great power.  A Roman! It must be.  Around his arm is this sterling cuff bracelet.  Definitely a powerful Roman.
Wait! What's that behind him?  A woman.  She is tall also, not like the man, but still...
adorning her neck I see this sapphire necklace.  She must be an Egyptian princess.  Is she with this man? Willingly? Or is he her guard?  To protect her, and to keep her from running.  But running from whom?  To where?
Her robes flow behind her as she walks, no, not walks,  she floats, closer and closer.  I can now see the subtle shades of earth and copper in her shibori long silk gown.  Every step, every breeze, and she shimmers.  The man turns towards her and reaches for her.  He cups her delicate chin with his strong hand and tilts her face up.  As he bends closer to her I can see...
a sparkle of silver.  He touches the mother of pearl dangling from her ears...and removes them.  What?  I'm ready to run out and confront this brute when he reaches under his cloak and brings out...
these red hibiscus teardrops.  They not only match the colors of her robe, they also match the shape of the tears flowing down her face.  He gently wipes the tears away and kisses her check.  He is not a brute, but a man in love.  I blink, and they're gone.  I wonder where did they came from, and where did they go?  Do they find happiness together? Or are the destined to travel together through the fog forever?  I may never know.  And I'm not so sure I want to know, let their love story just continue on and remain a mystery.

If you would like to be a part of your own romantic love story, visit these great Etsy Besteam shops and get ready.  The silver jewelry worn by our Roman is hand hammered and created by Irith at Riorita.  You can also find her here:  Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Website
The hand painted gorgeous gown and the jewelry worn by our Egyptian princess is created by Joy at Joyflower.  You can also find her here: Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Website

If you are an Etsy artisan with a blog, come join the wonderful people here at the BESTeam. 

See y'all tomorrow (hopefully) so until blessed.
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