Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Farmer Owen

It's hard to believe that this will be our 12th summer down here in sunny ((HOT)) North Carolina.  It's been in the high 70's most of the month so far and it's only March.  And all this beautiful weather turns our minds towards....our gardens.  I have a rose garden, a butterfly garden, and an herb garden.  We started with a small vegetable garden, and I think there have only been a few years where we didn't plant one, but when we did, it got bigger every year.  Now that Chuck has his new tractor....well, let's just say this will be a busy summer here on the "farm". lol  He's turned over almost a quarter of an acre, and Owen is loving the dirt!
He's got on his cowboy boots, and my hat, and he's off to help Poppa.  I missed the shot, but he refuses to get on the tractor, he just follows it up and down the rows.  He likes to walk in the furrows.
Here Poppa is showing him the corn kernels.  Owen wanted the whole bag, and got mad when he only got a few at a time.  We are planting corn (we love), potatoes (our first try), carrots (I love), radishes (no one loves), eggplant (for Amanda), lettuce, squash (Chuck), peppers,
 pickling cucumbers (I'm gonna try that again), watermelon, and of course....tomatoes!
Here he is covering the corn.  I tried several times to show him how to use the hoe, but he would just grunt at me and turn it upside down.  He's a boy that knows his own mind.
He finally just reverted to his own hand trowel.  I often wonder why Amanda sends him to our house dressed in anything white. :~P  There's Tater Tot in the background.  He's not happy because this was part of his pasture.  So y'all stay tuned to see if we survive this summer of weeding, and harvesting, and canning.  I do have to say that fresh organic food tastes so much better!
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