Thursday, June 14, 2012

HAF artist spotlight....Blue Highways

The road less traveled...
the scenic route...
that's the road I love to take because who wants to be like everyone else?
And that's what I like best about the Handmade Artists shop of Andrea...
Andrea also enjoys traveling the back roads, and as far as originality goes, her hand bound books are true originals.  Because after 3 books, the fabric is retired, never to be seen again on any other book.
When my family takes a "ROAD TRIP", we not only take tons of pictures, but I try to keep a journal to jot down our itinerary, and memories of all that we did, and the fun times together. 
 Now here's a great journal for your next family trip...
Beautiful Chaos.  I love the bright colors on this 5.5" x 8.5" book, hand bound with 200 lined pages.  Being left handed...I cannot journal on unlined paper, otherwise my words just slant down, down, down.  And check out the detail of the threads on the spine.  All her books have beautiful spines.
Another great part of taking a vacation is the time I get to just doodle and sketch.  And for that I will need another kind of this one.
Papillions Azur.  The fabric cover is amazing!  And with 96 pages of 90# natural white watercolor paper.  Watercolor paper is also great for soft pastels, which is my medium of choice.  This book measures 6"x9", just large enough for some great sketches, and small enough to carry around with you.
Andrea lives in Ohio with her husband and boxer dog, and is a full time book binder and artist.  Book binding is a craft I know nothing about, and I have the highest appreciation of those who can create such beautiful places for the ideas and sketches of the rest of us.
My last share with you is another unlined book, for us doodlers.

This Songbird Book is covered with birds, and swirls, and flowers, and colors, to get your creative juices flowing.  And inside this 6" x 9" book you'll find 200 pages of premium white acid free 80# drawing paper.  Great for pencils and inks.  And if you can write in a straight line, this would also be a great journal for your thoughts and dreams.
Seriously...if you would love a special book like these, rush over to Blue Highways and talk to Andrea.  She loves to make her customers happy, and will do all she can for you.  So if you see a fabric you like, but want a different inside...just ask.
Andrea is setting up a website...Blue Highways Books.  It will be up fully by June 30th, but go there now and bookmark the page!  You can also follow any of the links below.
Be blessed,

Andrea will be on vacation until the 29th of June,  so you have time to browse.  Just be sure to bookmark her pages!!!!
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