Thursday, November 1, 2012

my little Christmas cactus

I purchased this Christmas cactus quite a few years ago because I loved the unusual flowers.  It bloomed the first few years, then nothing.  Of course it has been dropped, picked at by little fingers, and there have been times where I have totally forgotten to water it.  Well, this summer it only had about 6 branches left, so I stuck it outside on a shelf, where I promptly forgot about it again.  It loved it out there!!! 
Sun and rain!!!
 Look at it now!
It's blooming!  
I saw the little flower buds on it while it was still outside, but now that the temperatures are dipping again, I had to bring it into the house.  These pictures were taken over the weekend.   I love the bright pink flowers, and the shape of them is so different, and I love different.  I took another picture to get a good close up of the flowers.
They have opened up even more.  I sure hope it will continue to bloom until Christmas.  Hmmmm, maybe I'll try growing an Amaryllis again this year.  Miracles can happen you know. :0)
Be blessed,
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