Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter with the family - and my Pinterest wannabe's

This has been a very busy week, and I noticed today that I have not posted anything SINCE LAST WEDNESDAY!  opps, sorry.  So for your viewing pleasure, some family pictures from Easter dinner at Amanda and Brandon's house.  Also known as, how I killed some Pinterest ideas.
Amanda and Brandon doing the cooking.  I always had the meal at my house, but with their new home, we had Christmas and Easter at their house.  I have to admit, it was nice to not have to worry about cleaning up before (and after), or cooking.  Of course, I did bring the ham because Amanda wants to try a more vegan lifestyle, and when I told Chuck that she was making a vegetable casserole...well...have you seen the AT&T commercial with the new boyfriend coming over for lunch, but he's a vegetarian?  And at the end of the commercial when they are all sitting around the table?  Well, the expression on the father was a lot like Chucks.  LOL.  So I got him a ham.  And Brandon helped him eat it. hahaha

Boo loves to play with his Poppa, but he got tired of me yelling...
"say cheese" so he started to ignore me.  Here's Poppa trying to get him to look at me, yet again.


I don't like having my picture taken, but since I was dressed up, I thought I would take advantage of the situation.

Now for your utter enjoyment and out loud laughter, my pinterest wannabes....or... how I totally suck at cake decorating.

Now this is what the cake was suppose to look like...
 ...and this is how I killed it!
Now for the cookies.  This is what they were suppose to look like...
 ....and this is what they looked like!
Go ahead...laugh...we did!  At least they tasted better then they looked. :0)
So how was your Easter?
Be blessed,
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