Friday, April 5, 2013

Shopping for the garden

Believe it or not, yesterday we had some hail mixed in with our rain.  I am glad that we held off putting the vegetable plants in the garden.  But by this afternoon, the sun should be out, and stay out!  I can't wait for my summertime.  But since we are still housebound today, I thought I would do a little shopping for all my gardens.  I have 5, so lets's shop for all 5.
First my vegetables...

I love these!!!!  What a great way to mark my garden rows before the weeds take over.  I found these right away in the shop of litlbit59  on the Etsy site.  Each one is handpainted and sealed with Rustoleum paint and primer to withstand the wind and rain.  Of course, I would probably have a problem with Owen playing with them and moving them around, lol.

Next is my herb garden.  Last year I was depending on my memory when I was cooking, but let me tell you that while oregano and marjoram look the same, they sure don't taste the same!  I found these stone plant markers at Handmade Artists.  Go check out the shop of kpdreams, where you will find all kinds of signage, outdoors and indoors.  One of my favs is "we don't skinny dip, we chunky dunk". 

Every butterfly garden needs bushes, and nectar laden flowers and fruits, but did you know that butterflies also need a place to sleep?  I've had several of these butterfly houses, but they were only white.  I bet the bright colors of this house would attract the butterflies home each night.  I found this in the Etsy shop of BeeGracious

I have a rose garden on the side of my house, with about 15 bushes in it.  The thing I love best about this garden (besides the awesome smells) is that this is where I use most of my outdoor decor.  Mostly because this is the part of the yard where the kids usually don't play.  So I thought this handpainted gourd birdhouse would look great hanging from a shepherds pole.  I found this pretty one in the shop of ChaseYourDreams at Handmade Artists. 
You'll also find some great gourd birdhouses in the shop of Wyndwalker Creations

My last garden is the pond in my front yard.  I've never done much with it, but now that we have ducks, I better get it ready.  I don't want them using my swimming pool. hahaha.  The kids would probably enjoy that though.  Since it's for the ducks, I can't do too much with the pond, but since it's under a tree, the solar light jars from Sunworx would be great.  In this shop you'll find lots of different designs, but I chose this moon and stars one.  A perfect nightlight for my little duckie babies.

So, are you ready for your summer gardens?  How many do you have?
Be blessed,
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