Friday, May 24, 2013

My Friday The Craft Star

Yep, I've done it...I've opened another shop.  This one is at The Craft Star and will carry our vintage and vintage inspired items.  I only have a few handmade jewelry pieces there so far, and I'm still learning my way around the shop and forum, but today I want to share what I found there...

Isn't this pink and white bracelet cool? I love the look of the pattern with the middle white beads.  It's handwoven and closes with a magnetic clasp.  I love those running for help when putting it on. 
You can find this piece and many many others at the shop of JenJohnson42

Last Tuesday, while I was on the site playing with my shop, I got an invite to their meet and greet.  At the bottom of the site page are chat room boxes, much like you'll find on facebook.  So you can connect to others with just one click.  Like I :0)

Speaking of cool, look at this etched copper bracelet from FonteNoir.  Isn't it awesome???  You want to know what else is awesome?  On the item page, if you mouse over the picture, it will magnify that section for great close ups on the item you are looking at.  Try'll like it.

Now back to last Tuesday, I accepted the invite thinking I was just going to a chat room and "talk" to some other shop owners.  But on Tuesdays (and Wednesdays I think) they have a LIVE meet and greet.  Bethan chooses artists/shop owners and interviews them and you get to watch it live, and learn a little background of the artists you purchase I said...pretty cool!

A new "thing" at The Craft Star is vintage.  They have opened their site, and their arms, for artists like me, that just love vintage.  And that's where I found this wonderful starburst clock.  I remember seeing many like this when I was growing up in the late 60's.  I found this clock in the shop of Retrosideshow

There are clubs in the CraftStar forum, somewhat like a team, but better.  You join the club simply by participating in a discussion, no invitation needed.  And you can come and go as needed, so no major requirements, which is nice for those times of life when there is just no extra time.

The last item I would like to share is this vintage book on the Lawrence Welk Show.    I remember watching this show with my Daddy.  It was one of his favorites, along with HeeHaw.  I wasn't crazy about this show, but I was crazy about my Daddy, and spending time with him was worth sitting through this show.  I found this in the shop of Red Shoe Affair

Being creative makes me content, and collecting vintage makes me remember, and smile.  And The Craft Star gives me the best of both worlds.  It's a new site, and still growing, so they have some growing pains.  There is no "perfect" site, but TCS has the potential to be amazing.  Check it out and decide for yourself.  You'll find me there under Yankee Burrow Vintage.

Be blessed,
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