Monday, September 16, 2013

My life has been turned upside down!

Happy Monday everyone.  I'm glad to be here again, with only a few days since my last post. 
As you can probably figure out by my post title, I feel like I have been jogging uphill,
 in flip flops, 
in a mudslide. 
 And I am pooped!

We started homeschooling Hannah again this year, and the past 2+ weeks have been spent fine tuning her subjects.  While investigating what she needs to study for the end of grade testing (since I discovered so much that was not taught in the public schools) I discovered that here in North Carolina, the non-public,
non-traditional schools (i.e. home schools and private schools) have to pass the national standards, BUT the North Carolina public schools do not.  What's up with that?????  Talk about dumbing down our children.  But I'm glad, because when Hannah graduates, she will be smart enough to run the businesses that will hire our public school graduates. LOL.  
This past Saturday, she volunteered with our church at the local homeless shelter, and you can hear about it from her on her very own blog.  Hannah's Homeschooling Daze.

The second reason I am wore out is because my husband and I open our home to foster children.
Therapeutic foster children.
At-risk children.
The children that cannot live in a "normal" family situation, but do not meet the criteria for group homes (which I don't like anyway).
2 Thursdays ago, we got a call....there was an autistic 6 year old that needed a temporary home immediately, or he would be sleeping in the DSS offices.  How could we say no?
He is the cutest little boy, with the largest lungs, and strongest tantrums I have ever seen!  He does not communicate verbally, so we play a lot of 20 questions.  He also doesn't like to be told no, and will have 4 or more tantrums a day.  Complete with throwing himself on the floor, ground, cement, van floor, wherever.  
He is still in pull ups, and yesterday we had 4 showers, and 5 messed in pants.  And he sleeps at only 3-4 hour shifts.  So I only sleep when he sleeps.  As does everyone else in the house, due to the tantrums.  Unfortunately this is one child we know that we cannot help, and he will be moved to a hospital where he will live until he's an adult.  Such a shame.  I get very upset when I see or know pregnant women drink, smoke, or do any drugs.  Because I have seen firsthand the results of those choices.
And it makes me sad.
And tired.
Now it's time for my nap, while he's in school.
Be blessed,
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