Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Craft Star artist feature - Bryn & Jeremiah's Handmade

It has been like, forever, since I had a chance to sit down and share with you.  I had written an artists feature on Just For Bird Nerds, but that shop closed about the same time I published the feature, so here I am redoing the feature on Stephanie Shepard's other shops.  So here it is, (drum roll please) ...
this weeks The Craft Star artist feature...

I am a big fan of Tolkien, and I absolutely want this Hobbit Door!  What a cool way to hide an outlet that is not always used.  They also have this listed in wood tone brown, and they can also make these doors to cover your light switches.  :-)

Stephanie has filled this shop with all sorts of cute and whimsical items.  And whimsical is a great way to describe this shop.

They also have another shop...

Here you will find some pretty amazing photographs!  This one of water droplets has just a touch of color to it, and looking at it you can almost hear the drip drop sound.

All of the photos in this shop have nature as it's subject, animals and plants.  Some of them are in color, and some of them are in black and white.  She has a really cool one of a rose in black and white, that's just breath taking.

They also have another shop...

This is a shop dedicated solely to love, and hearts. 
This wooden tea light holder is a fairly new addition to the shop, and it's classic simpleness makes it beautiful.

You'll find felt hearts, heart ornaments, wall hangings, and buttons.  Yes, it's safe to say you will "love" this shop.

Her last shop is...

I love to crochet, and I love crocheted items.  Here is where Stephanie shares all her crochet items.  I chose this pizza trivet because I do enjoy her whimsical sense.  Stephanie learned to crochet from her mother, who learned from her mother, hence the shop name.  Family tradition is a wonderful thing.

She also crochets scarves, and home decor, and wash cloths.  A really great selection.

You can also find Stephanie at her

Now on a totally different note, I have been MIA because of Hannah's homeschooling.  It's the start of a new year, and we've spent the past 2 weeks tweaking her curriculum, finding out what she missed in public school (cursive for one), and setting up fun learning opportunities also.  And to that end, Hannah now has her own homeschool blog (there is a tab at the top of this blog), where she will share her reports and experiments.  And I will share tips and links specifically for homeschoolers.  Last week she learned about Benjamin Franklin and shared what she learned on her blog.  If you have the time, please visit and leave a comment.  She is excited about this aspect of her language arts curriculum.  lol

Until next time...
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