Monday, January 27, 2014

WonderWorks - amazing

I recently shared with you our visit to the Hollywood Wax Museum during our Christmas vacation.  On that same day we also went to WonderWorks.  It is an amazing (and totally awesome) interactive museum.

This is the front of the building, and yes, it's upside down.  When you walk up the front steps, it has a sound system going where you can hear the building creak and groan like it's about to fall apart.

It's upside down inside too.  This is a shot of the ceiling.  Pretty cool.  You can pick from a few different activities, we went through the museum.

To enter the museum, you had to walk through this tunnel, it was pitch black, except for the strobe lights.  It was so hard to keep you balance as you can see by looking at Hannah.  (Awesome flash in my camera...I couldn't see a thing, so I just pointed and shot, and this is what showed when I downloaded my memory card).  My poor hubby had to walk this, with a cane.  Yes, I admit, I laughed at him. <3
There was a hurricane booth that the kids and I tried, and it's a good thing I don't spend much time on my hair, lol.  Here's Hannah on the rock wall.  I swear, that girl will try anything, she's such a daredevil.  

It took us hours to walk through because Hannah needed to try EVERY. STINKIN. EXHIBIT! 
Now Brandon is NOT a daredevil.  You could even say he's a chicken, (like me, lol).  But I did get him to climb into this space suit.  We didn't get to see or try everything because we had to leave for the Stampede, but we are definitely going to go back here, and make sure we have a whole day to play.  I'll leave you with this video, believe it or not, Hannah got me to ride this with her.  I just screamed thru clenched teeth (so my dentures wouldn't fall out), curled my toes hard (so my clogs wouldn't fall of), held on tight, closed my eyes, AND PRAYED.  The things mothers do for their kids!

Be blessed,

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