Tuesday, April 22, 2014

An offer you can't refuse, help selling on facebook

Do you have a business that has a facebook page?  Do you find yourself spending more time on facebook than you do on your business?  Then I have a solution for you.  Tara.  Yep, Tara.  No, not Scarlett's homeplace, but a real live person named Tara Tucker.  She is a self-made expert on the nuances of facebook.  Tara started out with selling her own handmade creations on her page Tuck Me In Blankets.
Before she knew it, she had over 9,000 likes.  Here's a few of her items.
I am a proud owner of one of her blankets.  I love it.  And so do my kids....they are constantly trying to steal it from me. LOL
Then Tara started to create purses and other new items, including hats.  Check out this one. (Yes, that's my son Josh playing the model).
Then Tara got into ladders.  So she started another page, Tuck My Fans in With Business which now has almost 15,000 likes.  This is a girl that knows how to use facebook.  Now she is starting a new venture, offering her services as your Facebook Media Manager, freeing your time to be creative.
She offers several different packages and this is what you'll get...

with all packages...
content creation
daily posting
comment responding
spam monitoring
real time reporting
customer service

now the extras....
Package #1 offers daily posting 2 times a day and increase talk abouts for only $50 per month. 
 Package #2 offers daily posting 2 times a day, increase talk abouts and increase fan base for $75 per month.
Basic package offers daily posting 3 times a day and increase fan base with ladders for $100 per month.
Essential package offers daily posting 5 times a day, ladders, and giveaways for $200 a month.
And her Premier package offers daily posting 8 times a day and sharing in business groups for $300 per month.  

See, she has everything covered.  And I can vouch for her because she has increased my business page, and she's my son's fiance.  You can reach her through any of her facebook pages.

Be blessed,
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