Monday, April 21, 2014

Homeschooling Monday - the social life

One of the "reasons" that people tell me I should keep my children in public school so they will learn how to socialize.  Well, that doesn't even make sense.  How can a child, of any age, who needs to learn the social graces, learn them from 30 other children that also need to learn social graces?  That's like saying you learn any skill by spending time with others who don't have any idea what they are doing.  A homeschool child learns social skills from the adults in their lives, and then when they spend time with other children, they already know how to interact.  But I will agree that children do need to spend time with other children in their age bracket.  That is why I have reached out to other homeschool families in my area, and we have started to get together twice a month, just for fun.  Last Wednesday we all went to a Hickory Crawdad's baseball game, and had a great time.

 Here are a couple of group shots.  Kids in front and parents in back.  Do you know what else I really like about this group?  Not only did Hannah make new friends, so did I. :0)
And a ball game is a great place to have fun, with the contests and music besides the ball game.  Now I'll close off with a short video.  The dj started to play the Macarana, and I got Patience, Sam, and Hannah on video.
Right before this I (and some other parents) were dancing, but luckily, I was holding the camera. hahaha.  I firmly believe embarrassing our teens is a requirement of parenthood. 
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