Friday, April 11, 2014

What's new at Yankee Burrow

I have been making myself crazy lately.  I have an idea in my head for my business that has been itching to get out.  I told you some of it last week, with my new landing page and all.  Then I started working on my banner and avatar.  I was desperate for an image that would convey who I am as an artist, besides scatterbrained. lol.  And this is what I came up with...
an artists palette.  I kept one paintbrush for my painting, added knitting needles, and a small beaded bracelet, and then, instead of paint, I used balls of yarn for color.  It was a beast to draw, first I drew it too large and scanning cut off the ends.  So I drew it smaller, but I had used pencil and it scanned too light, so I had to redraw using markers, which are not at all forgiving.  Every mistake caused me to have to start from scratch.  I drew several types of jewelry before I settled on the beaded heart, and after more balls of crumpled paper on the floor that I had left in my tablet, finally it was done.  This is was my final sketch.  I rather like it, but what do you think?  Then it was off to play and manipulate it on the computer to create what I needed.
This is the banner for my landing page and my shop page.
This is the banner for my blog (which you can already see above, but what the heck, here it is again.)
And this is my avatar.
Now, I do have these across most of my social media sites, but because my avatar is not square (who ever saw a square artist palette, lol) the end is usually cut off, but that's ok with me.  Now I'm off to design my new business cards and note cards and coupon cards and so much more.....wheeeee.

On a sad note, Amanda has left Yankee Burrow.  She is working full time now, and spends her free time with her family (and working on her own side business of graphic design with typography), so now I am on my own.  But that's ok, I wish more than anything for Amanda to succeed in her hopes and dreams.  And who knows, someday we may work together again.  We've been tossing around the idea of a physical shop where I can sell crafts supplies and give classes and she can have her printing press and create amazing greeting cards and invitations.  We all need to dream.  What is your dream?

Be blessed,
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