Thursday, June 5, 2014

Owen's Graduation

Yesterday evening was Owen's graduation.  No, you didn't miss years of my posts, it was his pre-k graduation. lol.  So I thought that I would share this on my throw-back Thursday.  Let's start with yesterday.  ( heavy.)
His "diploma".  Funny how I thought these things were silly....until it was MY grandchild. lol

Here's a nice one of us together.
 And here's a more natural one of us.

Here he is with proud Mom and Dad.

Yeah, goofy faces is a family trait.

His self-portrait.

Now some throw back pictures.  (I "borrowed" these from Amanda's facebook page.)

I started him out young with handmade.  I made this snowman bunting, but we discovered (because of the yarn I used) that he could not put his arms down.  Like that scene from "Christmas Story"'

Always a happy baby.

It's called finger painting for a reason. :0)

Playing with dirt from the plants?  It's all good at Gramma's.

Um, yea.  He needed no prompting for this one.  He did it himself at the dinner table.

And to close up my "ode to Owen" here he is performing his favorite song last night.  I know it was his favorite because I actually saw his lips moving. hahaha

That's it for Owen Day.  If you have a special little one in your life, check out my Kid's Section at The Craft Star.
Be blessed,

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