Friday, June 6, 2014

Feature Friday - The Kitchens and Handmade Artists

This week I'm featuring a wonderful couple and the amazing work they do for the handmade community.  Andrew and Kimberly Kitchen.
Let's talk about Kimberly first....
and her shop MakinTheBestOfIt.
Here Kimberly shares her creative talent with painted glass, wire wrapped sea glass, and altered art.  I love this Clockwork Orange art piece.  When I first saw this piece in her shop, the book worm in me went "nooooooo" but then the artistic side went "how cool"!  This would look amazing in any library.

Here's a great example of her sea glass creations.  I love this Sterling Leaves Pendant,  how she created the leaves from sterling silver, and then used them to offset the glass.  Very classy.

Kimberly also runs the website, It's Better Handmade.  This is a forum where artists from every venue can come and share their work.  

Now for Andrew...
...he does chainmaille.  And he does it beautifully.  Like this Sterling Silver Half Persian Bracelet.   I have to admit, it was the clasp that first caught my eye...but the maille is exquisite.  You'll find tons of his great creations in his shop Chainmaille by MBOI.

Here's another amazing piece... Sterling Silver and Copper Tryzantine Necklace.  So many much beauty.

Andrew and Kimberly also run the online site HandmadeArtists.  Artisians of all kinds sell there creations here, and it is a site dedicated solely to handmade.  There is also a forum for all artists to come together, chat, visit, share their creations, share other's creations, and just hang out.  We have a blog ring, a pinterest group, something to cover pretty much every social media, and my favorite, the "What Are You Doing Today" discussion.  It's so much fun to really get to know everyone.  And it is such a friendly place you'll never want to leave.

So click on a link, and come on over.
I'll put the kettle on, and Larissa will supply the honey. :0)

Be blessed,
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