Thursday, July 31, 2014

Window Shopping Wednesday (Yes I Know It's Thrusday)

It may be Thursday, but Window Shopping Wednesday has a certain ring to  it. lol

I don't know how others do it, but we get paid only once a month, so while yesterday we were dead flat broke, today we are loaded! (at least until I budget my monthly bills, hahaha)  So let's go shopping.....

First stop, The Craft Star...

Don't you just love these sunny fun feathered friends?  I saw a goldfinch in my yard yesterday...and the color was so bright it took my breath away.  This is a vintage painting framed and ready to hang from Timely Treasured Threads.

Cute, cute, cute.  Here is an adorable crochet hat, just in time for the back to school fashion parade.  According to the description, togs4tots2 can make this up to size 5T.  And I bet she could make it the color of your choice also if you just ask.

Here's a new item from my buddy Alix at The Alchemist Vessel.  I am amazed by chainmaill, and Alix is very talented with these little rings.  I just love these earrings with genuine amethyst beads.

Now let's visit Handmade Artists...

If you're a country gal (like me) you'll like this new offering from Tom's Crafts.  A working wooden horse mailbox.  Giddy up!

Then I hopped on over to Etsy.  I don't usually shop there anymore because it's hard to find original handmade items on the front page, so I checked up on some of my favorite shops.  It turns out that so many of my favorites are no longer selling there, but I did find an old friend of mine, Mystic Wynd.

Karen and I spent a lot of time together promoting other shops through our blog ring team, the BESTeam.  I see her more now over on facebook, but I wanted to share these totally groovy retro earrings.

Now I have to take some of you handmade artists to task...I absolutely love sharing and promoting new shops and items, BUT if your item photographs are dark or blurry, OR if you have not taken the time to fill out your profile and make up a shop banner, I will not feature you here.  No matter how much I like your item, I want my blog to be followed, and liked, and respected, and that will never happen if I don't work hard at it.  And I want my featured artists to feel the same way.

Do you have an online presence where you sell handmade or vintage?  Drop me a link in a comment, and you could end up as a featured artist too.

Be blessed,
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