Saturday, July 25, 2015

YBC Book Review - The Miracle In The Middle, Finding God's Voice In The Void by Carlotte Gambill

I've "discovered" another good book to help you get through the tough times.

"The Miracle In The Middle" by Charlotte Gambill

We have ALL had times in our lives when it feels like we are getting  When we first make that choice to follow Christ, we are all excited and ready to move out and do anything God asks us to do.  And God lets us know where to go and when because as babies, we need that moment by moment guidance.  But then the growing pains start.  All of a sudden the road looks long, and hard, and lonely.  And then you begin to doubt, and question, and whine.  Yes, whine.
But with lots of scripture and stories, Charlotte helps us to look around us, and in us, during these times in our lives, and to see that we are not as lost as we feel.

I turned my life over to God waaaaay back in 1982, and during the past 33 years, I have spent too much of my time lost and whining...all because I jumped ahead of God, or totally chose a detour from what He told me in the beginning.  So I had plenty of growing time, learning to trust my faith, my God, and myself.  And it's during these "God, why aren't you talking to me" times that our faith grows.

Charlotte is the pastor (with her husband Steve) of the Life Church in England, and has written this book with not just stories, but also with study helps at the end of each chapter.  I enjoyed this book, and will be keeping (or sharing) it.

Here's part of the description from the back cover...
"Where most beginnings start with energy and expectation for all that is ahead, and endings bring the joy of completion as you arrive at your desired destination, the middle is very different. This midpoint can too quickly become a low point, as energy is lacking and enthusiasm wanes. Yet how well you handle the middle reveals what is in the middle of you.

The disciples found-in the middle of a lake-a revelation of Jesus that they had never seen on the shore. In the middle is where new navigational skills are found. It's also where some of the most significant lessons are learned."

I give this book 4 stars.

Be blessed,
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