Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Family Night

I love Fridays, not just because it's the start of the weekend, but because we get to play.
I love playing games.  My siblings and I played games a lot growing up, especially board games on holidays, or snowed in the house days.  Which in Buffalo, were quite often. lol
This is a peek into our game cabinet.  As you can tell by the taped corners, we do have a few favorites.  And old ones.  I've also replaced quite a few over the years.
Aside from the tape around the Pictionary box, a favorite game of ours was..
Dark Tower.
As a young adult, we would get together, settle the kids down with toys, popcorn, and a movie, and all us parents would sit down to this amazing game.  It was so much fun, and back then, it was the height of tech savy, just like our...
Odyssey Game System
We played Jeopardy a lot, among others.  Most of the games we had for more than one player, which made them even more fun.
Today we play...
Wii.  Back when my kids were teenagers, we had a Nintendo, which seemed to cause so many arguments, and yelling "it's MY turn"..."I don't want to turn it off and (go to bed) (do my chores) (etc.), so when it broke, I secretly rejoiced.  About 10 years later, we broke down and bought a Wii when they first came out, BECAUSE the games required more than one person, and required people to interact.  Wii Sports and Mario Cart are by far our most played games.

I've searched for new games, but have yet to find anything really new that peaked my interest.

So, what is (or was) your favorite game?  

Be blessed,
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