Thursday, March 3, 2016

Vintage At The Marketplace

I really love vintage items.  Anything old just speaks of home, and family, and love.  There is so much to learn from our history, but many of us today just want to rush rush rush, and we miss so much until it's gone.  So, on this throwback Thursday, I took a stroll down memory lane at 

I have a "thing" for cameos.  They are so fragile, yet so romantic and beautiful.
I have many cameo pieces in my collection, and I may just need to add this
I found in the shop of 

I am a firm believer that things of beauty should be used and enjoyed, not kept "safely" in a box on a closet shelf.  I regularly use many of my own vintage glassware pieces at parties and even just for everyday dinners.  
But when it comes to this Culver Glass Company Bar ware / Coctail set, you may want to keep it for those very special occasions.  Because it's not easy to find complete sets of most anything vintage today.  
The Winding Garden is offering this set,
plus a lot more wonderful items.
Check them out.

Ha!  My son loved Pee Wee Herman...and so this pick is for him.
The Pee Wee Herman Talking Doll comes with Chairy puppet, and when you pull the string, he talks. hahaha.  Now I have that goofy laugh stuck in my head.
I found Pee Wee at Joan Brandenburg Designs.

My mother LOVED Tom Jones.  I remember the big console we had with a record player, and an 8 track player.  It was all black plastic and I thought we were really cool.  She had a few Bill Cosby records also.  I still enjoy the sound of vinyl.
This packet of 6 Vintage Records are available at

And those are my picks for this week.
How do you feel about vintage?

Be blessed,
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