Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Besteam feature on Luto Jewellery

Luto Jewellery is a little shop from Manchester England, and is the dream of Leonnie Wharton.  Leonnie started making jewelry as a way to satisfy her need for bling, then she decided to share her creations with the rest of the world.  Right now she is in the middle of re-vamping her shop, so bookmark the page and check back often to see her new listings.  And with that said let me introduce you to 2 pieces that I really like....
here is her Mixed Color Leaf Flora Charm Bracelet with Peach and Pearl Beads.  I love the colors on this many different colors and shades of colors to match pretty much any outfit you decide to wear.  It's pretty enough for a dressy night on the town, casual enough for that business suit, and funky enough for a mommy get-together.
My next pick is this Antique Gold and Pearl Pendant Verity Necklace.  I love vintage, looking at something and imagining where is was and who used it in it's past.  There is just something Titanic classy about this necklace.  Just a great all around piece to round out your jewelry collection.  Leonnie also just started a blog, where you can learn more about her, and meet other Etsy artists and crafters that she enjoys and shares with her readers.  Now remember, clicking on any of the links above will wisk you away to visit Leonnie.  And when you're there, don't forget to bookmark the page for your future visits.

If you are and Etsy artisian that likes to blog, click here.
If you are a blogger with and Etsy shop, click here.
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