Wednesday, December 21, 2011

3 from the BESTeam

Wow, I can't believe I let a whole week go by without blogging anything!!!  I was trying to finish up a custom order inbetween "play" dates with Owen, Chuck coming down with a cold, and Christmas shopping? Forget it!  I only made it to one store, but I thankfully ordered a few things on-line. I realized that I was losing total control over my time when I remembered this great post from Erin Giles.  I subscribe to her blog (one of the few I subscribe to) and last month she wrote this great piece about using your time, Smokin' What I Sell, How I put my family before my business.  Yeah, it only took me a month to put it into practice, but I have been running on that hamster wheel, and not only was my family getting short-changed, so was my business.  So I made myself an HOURLY schedule.  I cut out for myself 4 hours of computer time and 3 hours of studio time, just like a real out of the house job!  And with this being the Christmas rush, this was probably not the best time to start. hahaha.  But yeah, I will be putting into practice what I preach to everyone else, especially my good friends on the BESTeam.  With that being said (and I only have 1 hour left of work time this morning)  here are my favorite items from the shops of Absolutely Kismet, Beader Bubbe, and Redemption Art.
I have always considered drinking wine a "classy" thing to do, and even though I don't drink myself, I love to entertain.  What better way to track each guests glass than with a "classy" wine charm.  In the shop of Absolutely Kismet, you can find all kinds of wine charms (and some jewelry).  My favorite one is this Bow Tie Wine Charms.  It comes in a set of 6, and you get to choose the color.
My favorite piece from BeaderBubbe is this Butterfly Pendant.  My love of heat and summer is no secret, and one of my most favorite summer pastimes is watching the butterflies and hummingbirds in my garden.  I chose flowers and plants just for them, so this necklace is a no brainer for me!  Agnes is a loving (and spoiling) gramma just like me, and can't wait to retire so she can create and sell her jewelry full time.  Etsy / Blog / Facebook / Twitter
Now over to Connie's shop, Redemption Art.  Located in Hawaii, you'll find some amazing vintage items here, like this cobalt blue hand painted vase.  The colors just shout out "LOOK AT ME".  Connie has made some great vintage finds, she has a good eye and knows what to look for, there is always something new in her shop.  And if that's not enough, she has a second shop, Volcano Girl Creations, where she offers her handmade items.  And her blog is one of the few that I subscribe to....  Etsy / Etsy 2 / Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest
Now it's your turn.  Go visit these great shops and find your own personal favorites.  And if you're an Etsy seller with a blog, come and join the BESTeam around.  And follow our team blog for more news about our members.

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