Tuesday, August 28, 2012

when the kids are away.....

....mom and dad will play!  Yesterday was the first day of school, and Chuck and I had planned a day of bike riding and antiquing,  because this is what happens when Chuck gets the bike out when the kids are here.   Yes, Owen has his very own helmet, and loves taking a little spin, (don't worry, it's a very little spin around the house).  So, as you can see, Mom (me) never gets a ride from the beginning of June till the end of August.  Yesterday, Owen came over to play, so today was OUR DAY, and that back seat was mine, baby!  So after prayer meeting, we did what we love best; went out to eat, and then antiquing.  There are several local antique shops that we visit quite frequently.  Today we visited Benny at Treasure Cove Antiques in Taylorsville, North Carolina.
You never know what you will find there, from one visit to the next.  And that is the fun of antiquing.  For example, this really cool pop-corn machine!  It stands about 4 feet high, and it still has pop-corn in it! (ummm, yuck).
And then there was this very awesome view finder from my grandmothers era, sitting next to the view finder from my era.  Hey, wait, my era???  An antique??? Oh my, hahaha.
But keep your hands off grammas view finder, that's mine next pay day. :-)

Have you ever noticed how a sound, smell, or sight, can transport you back in time?  That's what these items did for me.  This lamp looked exactly like the one my mother-in-law had sitting on an antique dry sink in front of her living room window.  I always worried about my kids breaking it, but they never did.  I wonder if she still has it.  And when I was just a little girl in the early 60's, my Dad was a tv repairman.  We not only had one of the first tv's on the block, we had 2.  My older sisters had a swivel television in their room, and no I was not allowed in to watch it.  :'-(

Every seller knows, display is everything.  The Treasure Cove is a collection of independent sellers, and you can always tell the sellers that care, from the sellers that don't, by the attention to detail.  When I remodel my kitchen, I plan to get rid of my cabinets and just fill the room with these old cupboards.  The china and knick-knacks look great on them.  And this Shabby Chic section was just lovely.  The lighting, the set up, it just drew me in, even though there is nothing in my house even close to being shabby chic.  That's a great display.

Now for fun, in the back room, we found this rickshaw.  Remember, we are at The Treasure Cove in tiny Taylorsville, NC.  Who in Taylorsville had a rickshaw???  LOL.  See you never know what you will find here, so if you're in the area, stop by.  And tell Benny we said "hey".  You'll like him, we do.
Oh, and this is also the place where we first met "the blue lady".
Be blessed,

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