Monday, October 15, 2012

my 10 day you challenge - 8 fears

Hello again, it's time for my 10 day you challenge (but I made it a 10 week challenge, lol).  It all started (with me) over at Blog Love Therapy, which is a great place for creative bloggers to get together.  So let's start this week...

my 8 fears....
1) SPIDERS!!!  Even pictures of spiders makes me swat the screen with a rolled paper.  Actually I have gotten better, there was a time I wouldn't even kill them myself, I would just scream and run.  And the size doesn't matter, if it has 8 legs...kill it!  Here's a funny story, before Chuck and I got married, I was a single mom.  Amanda came out of our bathroom crying (she was still young) about a spider in the tub.  I looked at it and my solution to the problem was to close the door and window, and put a rolled towel at the bottom of the door until Chuck got home from work and was able to come over and kill it.  We spend the whole day with "our back teeth floating" because we refused to open the bathroom door.  By the time Chuck got there, that little spider was gone, and it took a week before I could walk into that room with shivering. hahaha
2) Heights.  I'm not really afraid of heights, I just see no reason to climb any ladder higher then 4 feet.  That's why I have men in my life, to fix my roof, to hang Christmas lights, to trim trees.
3)  The dentist...but I still enjoy the laughing gas.  It reminds me of my teen years. :~D
4)  Pit Bulls...don't bother telling me that it's the owners to blame when they attack.  Just don't bother inviting my into your house if your pit bull is loose.
5)  Big cities and large crowds of people.  I'm not really afraid of them, I just don't like them.
*insert the theme song for Green Acres*
6) The people I love getting hurt.  I don't even like to think about it.  I'm trying to figure a way to wrap my grandson Owen in bubble wrap!
7)  Thunder storms...I like to watch storms and lightening as long as they are far away, but once the booming is over my house?  Forget it.  I will sit on the couch and count the space between the lightening and the thunder until I know that the storm is moving away.
8) Finally, I am afraid of lists that make me confront my fears!  Now I have to go and check my bathroom for spiders.  Ugh.
Now it's your turn, share your 8 fears, and then link up your blog post here.
Be blessed,

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