Friday, March 15, 2013

Where, or where, to sell my vintage?

Amanda and I have had a shop on Etsy for a few years now, but it's getting time to move on.  There have been too many changes there and it is moving away from the wonderful handmade venue that is was at first.  And now for the vintage sellers there, I'm hearing the same complaints of getting lost in the resellers and new searches and front pages.  If you have been following my blog, y'all know that we are starting to sell our handmade items on Handmade Artists, for 3 main reasons.
2.)  They promote ME and MY SHOP like crazy.  Yes, I have to work at it, but every item I list is tweeted and they have several sites that I am able to post my items for even more views.  Which is good for my SEO links too.
3.)  The customer support is out of this world!  And the camaraderie and support from the other artists is awesome.
Now, with that being said, I went on a search for a site to sell my vintage items.  Since I am a flea market fanatic, and love estate sales and auctions, I have way too much stuff for my little house.  So I did a Google search for "vintage items for sale on line" and the top result was  I like the look of this site, a large front page with lots of items to scroll through, 42 sections to make your specific shopping easy, and an easy to use search link.  On the front page you'll see a link to their blog, and a chat page to connect with other vintage lovers.  So, let's see what items I can find...

The first section I checked out was music, since I have tons (and I mean A LOT)  of albums.  What a great collection of music memorabilia.  There were not just albums, but sheet music, instruments, and collectibles.  I got a kick out of this album by Tiny Tim.  I remember watching him the first time he appeared on the Tonight Show.  So funny!
You'll find Tiny Tim and much more Rose's Shop.

Next was the toy section...I had a pair of these metal roller skates!  You adjust them to fit your feet with a nut and bolt in the middle, and then head down hill hoping that the leather straps don't break. hahaha.  It was so much fun.  Falling was easy on these, but what is childhood without a few bumps and scrapes.  We actually used to skate in our dining room when the weather was bad.  I found these in the shop of Trish Harritt Antiques

Now I'm off to test their search option...I'm in the mood for Fisher Price, since I tend to collect those items for myself.  I found this great play doctor bag, complete with all the needed tools for any budding doctor (or nurse).  It looks like it's in great shape, and is very reasonable priced.  I found this in the shop of Nothing New Antiques.

I had to register as a member to be able to contact any of these shops, or to purchase any items, but that's not unusual for most selling venues.  The registration was easy, and over the next few days I'll be checking out the selling option here.  If any of you have ever bought, or sold, on this site, please share your thoughts here for the rest of us.  And until then...Happy Days to everyone.
Be blessed,
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