Monday, May 20, 2013

look what I found on twitter

I like twitter.  I use it a lot, mostly because it is so easy to share stuff with only one click.  This morning I thought I would check out what others are tweeting about....and share them with you.

wow, I love the color of this silver red agate ring by riorita.  this is NOT just a stone glued into a setting, Irith is a very skilled silversmith and handcrafted every part of this beautiful ring...and she offers free shipping from Israel.  Plus I know Irith, and she is not only a talented jewelry designer, but also a super nice person.

When I saw the tweet for orange slice string art, what first came to mind was the traditional string art of the 70's, but what I found was this way cool acrylic painting of an orange slice with string in it.  I love the color, of course, but I also started to drool looking at it because it looks delicious.  You can find this at 

The last thing I'll share is this really cool facebook page I found...crafthunters.  Ok, to be totally honest, it was this picture that got me hooked. hahaha.  That is so me, and most of my friends, huddled over our crafting tables, cackling like a bunch of old hens...
It's actually a Russian page, translated in English, and has some totally cool do-it-yourself crafting ideas.  
I liked it. :0)

So, what do you tweet?

Be blessed,
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