Friday, May 17, 2013

Meet the newest member of our family....

Chuck wanted to surprise me  with a special gift on Mother's Day.
Isn't she a cutie?  She fits in one hand and came from our  Well, not really free,
cat food and dish to go into the baby
cat litter and box for what comes out of the baby
cat toys and treats to amuse the baby
when she cuddles on my chest and purrs
She purrs so hard her whole body vibrates.
Pee Wee is not too sure yet, he loves to follow her around and play, but she was too young to be weaned (the stray momma took the other kittens and left this one under the neighbor's shed)
so last night she tried to nurse on PeeWee.  HE was NOT amused.
She sure does love to eat.  And because of her coloring, I named her Patches.  I love my kitty.
Do you have, or love, cats?  How can you not?
"A dog watches his owner feed him and pet him and love him, and thinks his owner is god.
A cat watches his owner feed him and pet him and loves him, and thinks he is god."
Be blessed,
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