Friday, April 4, 2014

My Latest Great (?) Idea

I drive my daughter Amanda crazy.  I know that.  I have that affect on people sometimes, because I just keep coming up with new ideas and changing my mind.  Take our shop for example.  When Amanda and I started on Etsy, we were Our Home To Yours.  I just opened a shop and picked a name with no thought or research.  Then we decided to "claim our domain".  Well, our name was being used by someone else!!!!  So, Amanda applied her college degree and after being in business for a year, we did a rebrand.  After months of discussion, we wanted the name Yankee Belle because that is what we are...but that name was taken also.  Bummer.  Amanda came up with the name Yankee Burrow because we were creating and selling items to make you and your home beautiful.  But....I had read somewhere that our name NEEDED to tell people what we do, so I suggested (against Amanda's advise) to add Creations to the the name.  Now, over a year later, I want to change.  Again.  Amanda has dropped out of this round. lol  So, while I have the domain name of YankeeBurrowCreations, I also have the domain name YankeeBurrow.  See, I did learn something.  Now for my latest great idea...a landing page for YankeeBurrow.  You all know that I sell on The Craft Star, and there I can sell my vintage, so Creations was not really needed.  But I don't want (can't afford) to build and maintain a website, so I created another blog here at Blogger and named it Yankee Burrow.
So, once I get the domain pointed correctly, when you enter Yankee Burrow, this is what you will see.
Every section of my shop with an explanation of what you'll find there.  Like Bethan says, every item has a story, and I can tell it here.  Now when I promote and push I can push just Yankee Burrow, and from here you can find me everywhere.  The bonus?  It's free.  :0)
My next step?  Transferring the domain to godaddy, making sure all my social sites are Yankee Burrow, and creating a new banner and avatar.
So, what do you think?
Be blessed,
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