Monday, June 1, 2015

Our Sunday Brunch - BBQ Hawaiian Bagels

Yesterday I made a quick and easy light meal for brunch.  I love quick, easy, and light.
You want to see it???

Take some bangles and toast them under the broiler.  I used plain bagels, but I'm sure any flavor would just add to the taste.
While the bagels were toasting, tear up some large leaf lettuce for your salad.  I prefer red leaf lettuce, but I only had green.  Really any lettuce will do.  Just an FYI, the large leaf lettuce is more nutritious that iceberg lettuce.  Wash, rinse, and spin dry.

Next up, some BBQ sauce.  I just use what ever flavor I have handy.  Then a pineapple ring, some smoked ham, and shaved cheese.  Then pop this back under the broiler.  While that's melting, I finished the salad with some tomatoes, carrots, and corn.  I like tortilla strips and hubby is partial to croutons.

Broil just enough to warm through and melt the cheese...and there you have it.
All the different flavors, from the bite of BBQ to the sweet pineapple to the smoked ham just all work together to tingle your tastebuds.

So, what is your favorite easy Sunday brunch meal?

Be blessed,
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