Thursday, May 29, 2014

Throw back Thursday - Vintage on Pinterest

For today's throw back Thursday I went pinning for vintage.  Let's see what I found.
This photo has been pinned so many times (over 80) that finding the original site is hopeless.  But I love this tub.  Growing up we had a wonderful old claw foot bathtub just like this, and to a kid of 5 -8 it was like having an indoor pool.  I would still love to have one today.
I'm crazy for vintage suitcases.  I look at them and wonder about the people who owned them.  And when you open them up, and get that musty smell, I can only imaging the stories of their travels to exotic places.  It gives me a bit of the wanderlust.
I love the styles of clothing from the bygone eras.  Such class and femininity.  But these corsets? I probably couldn't get one leg in there.  And my waist? Forget it! lol
Well, those are my finds for today.  Are you "into" vintage or retro?  Do you sell or blog about those days? If so, leave your shop or blog link in the comment section so I can look you up.  Until then, here are a few of my fav vintage bloggers.
Until tomorrow,
Be blessed,
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